Pallet Lifting Bars

Pallet Lifting Bars

All types of maritime jobs are dangerous, give your palletized cargo a “lift” using our Pallet bars. The products are corrosion-resistant with high tensile strength. New England Traders mostly supplies this product in manufacturing, construction, automobile, and shipping.

Additionally, in instances where a forklift truck is unavailable, pallet lifting bars can be supplied for tasks requiring alternative methods of securing pallets.

How does pallet lift bars work?

The RAAH Safety Pallet lifting bars model #PB011 is specially designed to use via multi-leg slings – chains assembly. These bars fit precisely into the pallets & hook design to secure them and keep the bars apart. Each pair of pallet bars is rated to 2000kg and is usually used with four 2000kg duplex lifting slings.

New england traders PalletLiftterBars

Application of pallet bars

In general, pallet bars have an SWL limit of 2 tons per pair and can be purchased separately for general lifting. Be sure to secure the bars when lifting without the top frame. End hooks are provided to keep the bars spread apart for stability. Other methods of spreading the bars may need to be sufficiently secure to ensure safety. As a result, an alternative pallet bar arrangement may be required.

We supply corrosion-resistant products with high tensile strength in manufacturing, construction, automobile, and shipping.


Standard construction:

In general, standard bars are intended for pallets with outer frames of 49 x 99 x 1165mm, which should include most major brand-name pallets.

New england traders PalletLiftterBars

Resistant design:

In addition to the stops at each end of the bar, an identification label is riveted to one end of each bar. The bars are powder-coated yellow for corrosion resistance and high visibility.

Other features and benefits include:

Industries using Pallet Bars:

Oil&Gas, Marine&Shipping, Logistics, Construction, Manufacturing, and others that involve lifting operations.

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