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Magnetic lifter & handling systems

Despite the industry, moving metal loads safely and efficiently is a hazardous task and requires the right tools. That’s why we introduce magnetic lifting & handling systems.

What is Magnetic Lifting?

Our magnetic lifting and handling systems are based on fail-safe magnetic technology, which delivers lifting accuracy, and efficiency while ensuring maximum safety. As well as light pick and place, lifting magnets are ideal for moving heavy steel stock. The safest, most efficient method of moving ferrous loads is through the application of magnetics to steel lifting and handling.

magnetic manual lifting equipment

What makes Magnetic Lifting & Handling different?

Magnetic systems offer distinct advantages over traditional lifting methods, such as chain slings, wire rope, lifting slings, block grabs, vacuum handling, hooks, and shackles.

Our magnetic handling systems can be used in automated systems, such as pick-and-place or assembly lines, with minimal training requirements. What’s more, the single-face engagement and no movement or slippage ensure no risk of damage. In addition, permanent magnetic lifting and handling systems do not require a power source to maintain lift holds.

Safety and Magnetic Lifting Systems

Our lifting magnets and magnetic handling systems are designed with safety in mind. Permanent magnetic technology and fail-safe mechanisms ensure a 3:1 safety factor. Our magnetic lifters comply with HSE regulations and guidelines, such as Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations.

Magswitch Hand Lifting Magnets for lifting and handling

We offer a comprehensive range of Lifting & Handling products, depending on your industry, you can choose to filter. Lifting magnets are the perfect solution for lift and fastening of metallic products.

Method of activation Magswitch Hand Lifter 60-CE Series

Activated by manual Magswitch Hand Lifter 60-m Series

The magswitch mini multi angle device comes with a knob for 180-degree rotatability that acts as a switch on and off button as well. The magnetic sheet lifter also comes with a pivot magnetic lifting handle with several settings to facilitate transport of sheets, sharp-edged material, and other hazardous elements- by creating a strong magnet grip and safety buffer zone.

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