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Material handling is an essential part of any industrial process. IBC and palletized cargo are widely used in various industries, and their safe transportation is critical. Cranes are commonly used for lifting heavy loads in industrial environments. However, lifting IBC and palletized cargo using a crane can be challenging and dangerous if not done correctly. In this article, we will discuss the IBC pallet lifter, which is designed to lift IBC and palletized cargo using cranes safely.

Industrial Utility

IBC Tote and pallets are often lifted individually by crane or other methods. These applications make it risky to perform large operations without the correct safety procedures. RAAH Safety IBC pallet lifter is specially designed to lift IBC and Palletized Cargo using cranes. This is a quick, easy, and simple-to-use design. Use our IBC/pallet lifter safely to transport IBC containers by a crane as compared to using a fork pallet lifter. Suited for the premium spaces and can be manufactured as per the specific requirements.

IBC Lifter

Uses of the IBC-Pallet Lifter:

Our IBC and Pallet Lifter is designed to safely lift a complete IBC container or lightweight pallets with a crane. This safer and more economical method will increase safety by reducing manpower requirements during operations. It’s manufactured from high-quality materials, produced according to industry-leading standards, and it provides a simple design for easy assembly and installation. Helps for secure transport and control of IBC containers and small pallets. The modular configuration makes it simple to transport in offloading procedures. The Customized design helps with the replacement of various parts, and comes with a 3-coat marine paint specification as standard.


Benefits of IBC Pallet Lifters

The IBC pallet lifter has several benefits, including easy storage, easy assembly and disassembly, compact design, and training packages to improve output. Its modular configuration makes it easy to transport between sites, and the customized design helps in the replacement of various parts. It comes with a 3-coat marine paint specification as standard and safety use instructions.

Safety Advantages of IBC Pallet Lifters

The IBC lifting equipment is developed with safety in mind, and it comes with complete operator safety. The IBC lifting frame is made with the best materials and the highest possible standards. It comes with a robust frame and base lifting bars, estimated at four times the working load, reducing the danger compared with chain breakages.

IBC Pallet Lifters Components:

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Our IBC pallet lifter is an essential tool for safe material handling in industrial environments. It is a well-tested lifting device that can lift IBC containers and palletized cargo using a crane safely. Its modular configuration, easy assembly and disassembly, and compact design make it an ideal solution for material handling in small warehouses or areas that are difficult to access with forklift trucks. We offer a wide variety of material handling products and services, all of which are equipped for safe operation.

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