”GRIPPS Gap Wrap”

The GRIPPS Gap Wrap is a game-changing encapsulation device that provides a simple and effective solution to prevent objects from being accidentally dropped through the opening around columns or pipes. This unique product is designed to help companies improve safety and efficiency in a wide range of industries, from Oil and Gas, Offshore, Construction to Manufacturing and Aerospace.

The GRIPPS Gap Wrap offers a superior solution to this problem by providing a durable and flexible encapsulation device that can be easily wrapped around columns or drill pipes to create a secure seal like a Poncho Hole cover. The device is made of a high-strength polyethylene material that is resistant to tearing and puncturing and can withstand harsh environments and extreme temperatures.

Key features of ”Gap Wrap”

Gap Wrap

Advantages of Gap wrap

  • Eliminate Chipboard Sheeting:

Save time and money with GRIPPS Gap Wrap, which forms a physical barrier between openings and dropped objects, providing an extra level of safety for both workers and bystanders below the area of work. No more labor-intensive custom cutting chipboard sheets to fit your encapsulation work.

  • Fast Installation & Reusable:

GRIPPS Gap Wrap is a quick and convenient solution for covering challenging floor penetration spots. It can be reused easily across multiple jobs, and you can simply open or close the center velcro when you need to enclose a pipe. With numerous stainless steel eyelets, you can add extra security by using cable ties or similar fixtures.

  • Fire Resistant:

The Gap Wrap is well-suited to industrial locations at height, as it provides fire resistance using the same unique material as GRIPPS FR Grid Mesh Matting.

Avilable sizes


The GRIPPS Gap Wrap is an innovative product that provides a simple and reliable solution to prevent objects from being accidentally dropped through gaps around columns or drill pipe. With its durable construction, unique grip pattern, and ease of use, this highly effective encapsulation device is an essential tool for workers in a wide range of industries who prioritize safety and efficiency. In summary, the GRIPPS Gap Wrap is an excellent choice for those looking to ensure safety and prevent accidents.

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