Solving Secure Point and Gauge Constraint Issues: A Case Study on Hose and Piping Chokers

Case Study:


In industrial environments, secure points and gauge constraints pose significant challenges. These issues often lead to operational inefficiencies, safety hazards, and increased maintenance costs. This case study explores how RAAH’s Hose and Piping Chokers effectively address these challenges, enhancing both safety and efficiency.

Problem Statement

The primary issues faced by industries included:

Insecure Points: Inadequate securing of hoses and pipes, leading to potential leaks, bursts, and safety hazards.

Gauge Constraints: Difficulty in maintaining accurate pressure and flow measurements due to improper securing, leading to operational inefficiencies.


RAAH introduced Hose and Piping Chokers, designed to secure hoses and pipes effectively, ensuring operational stability and safety. These chokers are made from high-strength materials and are engineered to provide a reliable solution to the aforementioned problems.


The implementation involved several steps:

Assessment: RAAH’s team conducted a thorough assessment of the existing hose and piping systems to identify critical points of failure.

Customization: Based on the assessment, customized chokers were designed to fit the specific requirements of the facility.

Installation: The chokers were installed at identified points, ensuring secure fastening of hoses and pipes.

Training: Personnel were trained on the proper use and maintenance of the chokers to ensure long-term effectiveness.


The introduction of Hose and Piping Chokers led to significant improvements:

Increased Safety: The secure fastening of hoses and pipes reduced the risk of leaks and bursts, enhancing overall workplace safety.

Operational Efficiency: Accurate pressure and flow measurements were maintained, leading to improved operational efficiency.

Cost Savings: Reduced maintenance and downtime resulted in significant cost savings for the facility.


RAAH’s Hose and Piping Chokers provided an effective solution to secure point and gauge constraint challenges, demonstrating significant improvements in safety, efficiency, and cost savings. This case study highlights the importance of customized solutions in addressing specific industrial challenges.

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