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Car Seals: Security and Tamper-Evident Sealing

In many industries, the security and safety of Valves are paramount. Car seals are a crucial component in achieving these goals. In this article, we will explore what car seals are, how they work, their features and benefits, industrial utility, and why you should order them.

What Are Car Seals?

Car seals are tamper-evident security seals used to secure valves, meters, and other equipment that require periodic inspection or maintenance. They are made of high-strength materials such as plastic or metal and come in different sizes and configurations to suit different applications.

How Do Car Seals Work?

Car seals work by locking a valve or meter in a closed or open position using a locking mechanism. The seal is then applied over the locking mechanism, preventing unauthorized access, or tampering. Once applied, the seal cannot be removed without breaking it, which makes it an effective tamper-evident solution.

Features and Benefits of Car Seals

Car seals come with several features and benefits that make them the ideal solution for security and tamper-evident sealing. Some of the key features and benefits include:

Industrial Utility of Car Seals

Car seals are a mechanical tool that is incorporated to lock the valves to prevent tampering or inadvertent operation whether being open or closed and prevent accidental function of the valve. It works as a self-locking and breakaway tool once it has completed its purpose.

In essence, these devices are much like plastic cable ties, but designed with gauge size adjustment to use for sealing a valve. The master lock cable device wraps around the valve regulation wheel or lever. After getting around the valve head the cable returns to the body and locks into the position, once the cable is pulled tight it cannot be released. With fixing the cable, the valve is locked consequently. In case the valve is required to be opened or closed another time, then the cable must be cut to restore the operation of the valve’s head. In other words, once it’s deployed it must be cut and destroy the seal.

Why Order Car Seals?

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Car seals are simple tools that are designed for valve safety, and prevention of its operation once it has been sealed. As an all-purpose cable lockout, it functions for cargo seals and railway car interlocking and or any other application for self-seal lockout device with nylon cable. Car seals are the ultimate solution for security and tamper-evident sealing, securing valves, meters, and other equipment that require periodic inspection or maintenance.
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