PRO Pipe Handling Tool

The 10″ PRO Pipe Handling Tool is manufactured to make the drill pipe handling process efficient while providing a safety buffer zone. It is compatible with a wide variety of drill pipes. They are designed to be used when maneuvering pipes, casing joints, and hoses that reach up to 10 inches in diameter.

Utilities and benefits for industries

With this rig pipe handling tool, oil and gas operator can handle drilling operations both offshore and onshore with ease. PRO Pipe handling tools are primarily used to reduce potential risks associated with drilling tasks involving manual handling of drill pipes on rig floors and catwalks.

This tool is capable of handling larger size pipes and hoses.

This versatile addition to the pipe rack system offers several advantages to drill sites, including:

  • Assuring a hands-free working environment and a safe buffer zone while handling drill pipes.
  • Ideal for moving larger size drill pipes and hoses.
  • Drill Pipe movement can be better escalated.
  • Protecting operators from crush points and accidents involving hands and finger.
Pro Pipe Handling Tool

Tool Features

Our pro pipe handling tool is designed by considering safety factors, ergonomic features, and ease of handling the pipes. As a result, the tool is extremely precise and offers excellent leverage even in confined spaces. A single C-shape opening accommodates the pipe handling equipment, which engages easily around the pipe.

It is highly recommended to use a push-pull pipe tool while incorporating both hands; both for better balance and control over the operation. This structure facilitates push and pull functions, so the operator can move or stabilize the suspended pipe.

An attachment on the pipe and bulk hoses handling tool are covered with fully replaceable non-slip and low compression rubber grommets to wipe down harmful drilling liquids.

A lightweight profile, durability, resistance to rust, and ease of maneuverability are some of the features of this tool, which is constructed from medium-density polyethylene on the hook and 30mm marine-grade aluminum staff.


  • Pipes up to 10 inches in diameter can be handled with ease.
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Designed for harsh offshore environments.
  • Capabilities for pushing and pulling.
  • Leveraging outstanding resources
  • Heavy duty Aluminum staff grade
  • Available sizes are 1300mm and 1500mm.
  • A high-visibility safety orange color.
  • Models with enclosed or open hand grips are available.
  • Rubber grip and hand protector included.

Use of the PRO Pipe Handling Tool & Safety Tips

To get the most out of the pipe handler, the operation supervisor must combine it with other safety equipment of your worksite, such as protective eyewear, footwear, gloves, etc.

Respect the maximum pipe diameter; the two internal hooks are compatible with pipes and hoses up to 10″.

  • Engaging should be done at the waist level.
  • Pipework tool for handling casing joints.
  • To prevent swinging loads, only attach the large drill pipe tool when the pipe or hoses are stable.
  • Face-on engagement provides the best grip and contact.
  • There must be harmony and communication between the tool operator, banker, or mechanical lifting device operator.
  • The task of handling larger piping casing joints requires two personnel.
  • When the pipe is stable, and the tension from the lift has been released, remove the tool.
  • Leverage activities should not be performed with this handling tool.

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Push-pull pipe tools should be used with other safety equipment, such as anti-crush point safety boots, safety gloves and suits resistant to drilling liquids, and face and head protective equipment while drilling. Contact us today to place an order, get a quote on bulk purchases, or get advice on complimentary safety tools. We supply safety tools, oil field tools, and equipment for various international sectors.

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