PRO Pipe Gripper Tool

PRO Pipe Gripper Tool

A multi-functional tool, it is a vital component in the implementation of a Hands-Free working environment on both the rig floor and the catwalk areas. In the complex and hazardous operation of pipe movement, it provides a safe distance and buffer area for handling drilling and fishing tools. This shorter version can be used in manufacturing and workshop repair facilities with limited space.

What is the PRO Pipe Gripper Tool?

With the PRO Pipe Gripper Tool, operators can push or pull a variety of suspended drill pipes (BHA) as well as large diameter pipes such as casing joints and hoses ranging in diameter from 4″ to 13″. To handle these high-risk activities involving large-diameter tubing, this product is the only one on the market.

Pro Pipe Gripper Tool

Characteristics of PRO Pipe Handling Tool:

Lightweight and extremely durable, the PRO Pipe Handling Tool is made of medium-density polyethylene and 30mm marine-grade aluminum.

This unique tool design incorporates a single opening that accommodates pipe diameters ranging from 4″ to 13″.

Industrial Application of PRO Pipe Handling Tool

A tool for moving larger pipes, drill tools, fishing tools, BHA, pup joints, slick lines, and workovers suspended from a slick line. With the PRO Pipe Gripper Tool, the handler is able to move and land large-diameter pipe with exceptional control and flexibility, complementing the existing use of taglines.

It is extremely useful in workshops and manufacturing facilities where close contact and control are needed, such as when loading tooling machines and testing equipment.

Guide for users: How to use the PRO Pipe Handling Too?

If the load is stationary, only engage the pipework and hoses. Release the webbing from the quick-release hook cam buckle side of the webbing and adjust it to the desired diameter lengths by pressing the cam buckle release button and pulling along the webbing. Once the button is released, the buckle will lock. Reengage the cam buckle on the quick-release locking hook and insert webbing around the piping. Pull the webbing through the buckle for maximum tension.

To achieve accurate positioning of suspended loads, two personnel are required when handling larger piping casing joints.

As soon as the desired position is achieved and the tension from the lift wire is removed, it is now safe to remove the tool from the pipework.

Other points include:

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