Grating Lifter

Grating Lifter Tool

With reliable performance, easy operation, and enhanced safety features, Grating Lifters are heavy-duty tools that one person can operate. An operator can use it to control and lift the most challenging bars and manhole gratings singlehandedly during routine inspections and maintenance required under suspended grating platforms.

Utility in the industrial sector

In the public and private sectors, grating bars are widely used. This tool can provide an all-in-one solution for grating and access hole cover lifting for inspection around machinery spaces, public sectors, oil and gas platforms in both offshore and onshore sites, industrial sewage systems, etc. A unique construction makes this drain cover removal tool suitable for several types of grating bars.

  • Grating made of heavy-duty steel.
  • Gratings made of aluminum.
  • Treads for stairs
  • Temporary and permanent safety grating
  • Grating made of fiberglass.
  • Reliable performance and robust construction
Grating Lifter

Grating Lifter Advantages

Heavy-duty industries like oil and gas platforms have a tough atmosphere, with corrosive chemical exposure, weathering elements, etc. To make sure things run smoothly and personnel stay safe, it’s crucial to use the right safety measures and handling tools. For example, before the Grating Lifter was introduced, users would need to manually lift gratings without adequate body positioning – this could potentially harm their hands or backs. Thankfully, the Grating Lifter eliminates this risk.

Construction and performance

Heavy-duty industries such as oil and gas platforms require robust safety measures and appropriate tools due to their highly demanding nature, which includes exposure to corrosive chemicals, weather elements, etc. Without these precautions, personnel may be exposed to a higher risk of injury from tasks such as removing grating manually. The Grating lifter removes this risk by eliminating the need for manual labor, thus improving safety for users.

The long-life cycle of the product

Since offshore platforms are exposed to sunlight, wind, chemicals, traffic, and salt water, our grading lifter devices are constructed from a durable combination of steel and aluminum.

Outstanding movement control

The T-section grating lifter has a robust design, corrosion-free constriction, and a lightweight profile for ease of handling when lifting grating bars with exceptional precision and control and with the manhole cover lifters, making it easy to inspect machinery spaces with hands-free safety and excellent functionality. When directly removing grating with hands, prevents chemical burns, crush points, and pinch points when exposed to corrosive materials.

Grating bars should be handled ergonomically

These grating removal bars provide improved posture and ergonomic operation, enhancing and eliminating potential back and spine injuries due to grating lifting. When using the grating lifting device, an operator should stand with one hand on the closed handle and the other gripping the mid-shaft rubber handle. With a standard length of 1200mm, the handle features an innovative T Section, which can be attached between the grating bars for lifting purposes. The cover hook head is constructed in a special way to allow for the secure lifting of many different types of gratings and materials – from cast iron to aluminum.

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Grating Lifter Tool Features:

For maintenance and monitoring tasks for suspended grating platforms, drain manholes, and drain lid covers, the Grating Lifter is manufactured to provide hands-free safety and lifting assistance. By providing a buffer zone between the hands and the grating, there is no need for direct manual administration of the gearing bars.

Lightweight aluminum and 8mm industrial steel attachments make up the shaft, which is both sturdy and corrosion-resistant.

There is no requirement for mechanical parts which eliminates the possibility of product failure. The device is coated with premium and nonslip rubber, which is also replaceable in case of damage.

In order to ensure long service life and minimum space requirements, these offshore handling tools can be stored vertically by machinery space personnel after use.

The following are the general specifications of the tool for removing grating covers:

  • Attachment for steel tools of 8mm
  • Mechanical parts do not need to be moved.
  • A shaft with a length of 1200mm is available.
  • A high-visibility color is available.
  • Aluminum shaft with a robust construction
  • Rubber-coated grip of excellent quality
  • Hand protector included.
  • Constructed ergonomically.

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As a team of experts, we offer the right solutions for any working environment based on two main goals: upholding the principles of safety for hardworking professionals and enhancing efficiency in mechanically and physically demanding tasks, these heavy-duty grating lifter tools will revolutionize your workplace. For bulk orders, please contact us. You can also find out more about our other Pipe Handling Products.

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