Drill Pipe Set Back Tool

Offshore Handling Drill Pipe Set Back Tool

There are a number of high-performance pipe-handling devices in this series that are known for their flexibility, versatility, robust structure and failure-proof operation. The deck crews handling tool for drill pipe in the setback area offers proper handling, hand-free assistance, and remarkable protection to the operators.

What is a Drill Pipe Set Back Tool?

The Drill Pipe Set Back Tool is designed to optimize maneuverability and accuracy when positioning drill pipes in setback areas. This tool provides added safety and control during the handling of heavy suspended pipes, protecting hands, fingers, and personnel feet. It boasts a U-shaped connection with an aluminum staff and a rubber handle for secure handling. At the rear end, it features a shoulder attachment that permits users to position pipes vertically while maintaining a safe distance from the landing region.

Drill Pipe Set Back Tool

Applications of the Drill Pipe Set Back Tool

The essential application of the tool includes maneuvering, oilfield pipe racking, landing, and storage of drill pipes in the setback areas around the drilling floor. In addition to handling catwalk decking and generally suspended pipes on oil and gas drilling platforms, this drill pipe movement handling tool is also designed to handle bundle hoses and large pipes in other industries like the pipe manufacturing industry.

When dealing with heavy suspended dill pipes without hands-free safety tools impacts crush points, hands and fingers injuries and corrosive drilling liquids spilled over the operators’ arms. In a fixed position or suspension, the drill pipe set back tool ensures that the pipes can be pushed and pulled safely by the user.

How Does the Drill Pipe Setback Tool Work?

It is essential to the overall safety and performance standards of the rig to have optimum precision and control over movements to prevent any operational hazards. While offering excellent flexibility, this hands-free catwalk area tool guarantees accurate load movements at the same time. The features contribute to personnel safety and mitigate the risk of damage to the pipe, casing joints, and threads by contributing to the safety of their hands and feet.

With this Drill pipe setback tool, the operator must hold the close-handle point securely while controlling the pipe movement with the mid-shaft section with the other hand. Using a U-shaped section for outward motion, and a reverse under hook for inward motion, the end has a unique attachment design that facilitates push and pull functions.

It is highly recommended that two operators participate together when drilling heavy and suspended pipes and using the drill pipe setback tool in a controlled manner. It is possible to store the push-pull pipe tool vertically in the rig tool storage station after the completion of tasks. As a result, the setback area is kept organized, and the casing joints guide tool’s life cycle is increased by appropriate storage.

Top Features

In order to ensure a hands-free working casing joint operation, these wide range suspended drill pipe tools feature a shaft that is long enough to perform the task ergonomically. They are available in two different sizes: 1200mm and 1500mm.

The U-shaped attachment forward facing and one rear facing help stabilize the suspended pipe with up to 578 inches in diameter and maneuver it while in a vertical position. In addition to providing a rigger with the ability to swing or rotate suspended pipes, the tool is equipped with a tagline retrieving hook, which prevents the operator from exposure to hazards.

Here are some general specifications of rig floor hands-free tools.

Drill pipe set back tool safety advantages

Drilling operations should be performed using a push-pull pipe tool in conjunction with other safety equipment such as anti-crush point safety boots, safety gloves and suits resistant to drilling fluids, and personal protective equipment (PPE) for face and head.

The main advantage of the Drill Pipe Set Back Tool is to enhance a safety buffer zone when positioning drill pipes. The drill pipes impose several risks, such as exposure to corrosive drilling liquid, crush points and pinch points while handling the pipe or when correcting the position of the pipe’s threads positions.

However, these pipes are heavy and often maneuvered in stooped and back-straining positions; the use of a Drill Pipe Set Back tool also enhances the ergonomic safety of the pipe handling systems on oil rig platforms.

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