Drill Pipe Handling Tool

A large number of offshore oil and gas workers experience hand and Finger injuries on a daily basis because of the risks and injuries they incur. To reduce injuries and protect workers, the Drill Pipe Handling Tool was developed for multifunction use, it is a reliable drill pipe-handling tool without losing precision when compared to direct manual operation over suspended drill pipes.

Utility in the industrial sector

Drill crews and rig floor personnel use these suspended drill pipe tools during drill operations to maneuver and control pipes and hose bundles.

In many industries, however, it remains a challenge to handle the pipes safely. While this large drill pipe tool is specially designed for petroleum drilling sites, other sectors can also benefit from this hands-free tool.

Drill Pipe Handling Tool

Drill Pipe Handling Tools: Why Do You Need Them?

Drilling pipes present a high-risk potential and sometimes result in hand injuries as a result of handling and maneuvering them. Lack of appropriate equipment and casing joint handling tools can result in crush points, pinch points, and loss of balance.

Field experts recommend using hands-free equipment to mitigate or eliminate such risks while working around suspended drill pipes. Designed as hands-free safety equipment, the Drill Pipe Handling Tool offers precise control over worker movement while providing a buffer zone between the worker and the pipe.

What is the process?

Drill pipes are maneuvered and positioned using this large-diameter tubing guide. An ergonomic handle is attached to a sturdy shaft, ensuring reliable use throughout the process. In addition to flexibility and smooth maneuvering features, personnel can apply the required amount of pressure to the multifunctional drill pipe tool without worrying about the tool failing during operation.

A double U-shaped rig floor pipe handling tool is located at the pipe attachment end, with one side facing outwards and the other inwards for reverse operations. Additionally, a rubber garment is attached to the pipe attachment section so that it can be cleaned of any corrosive drilling liquid.

Useful Application Information

For pushing the pipe away, the operator must use the outward-pointing U and ensure that the attachment is placed correctly before applying any pressure.

While operating the equipment, it is recommended that personnel use both hands, one hand on the end handle and the other on the mid-shaft handle, to ensure precise control.

Similarly, the inward U attachment is used to pull the pipe closer to the operators. Although a safe distance is always guaranteed by the device’s length, marking the safe buffer zone is always important. When dealing with heavy suspended pipes and large loads, it is best to have two operators work at the same time in order to achieve the best results.

Specifications and features

It has outstanding load control, exceptional support, and ergonomic safety design. Under BOP policies, it provides excellent handling during the installation, movement, and removal of pipes, whether they are in open areas or confined spaces. The handle construction includes an enclosed hand grip or a non-slip rubber hand grip series, and you can choose between two different lengths: 1200mm or 1500mm.

The Drill Pipe Handling tool has the following features

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Push-pull pipe tools should be paired with other safety equipment, such as anti-crush point safety boots, gloves, and suits resistant to drilling liquids, as well as face and head protection, during drilling operations. We can provide you with free and up-to-date advice on safety protocols if you require safety packages or want to increase your workplace safety.

It is not recommended to move pipes around drill floors due to the risks involved in the task. Contact us to place an order for the Drill Pipe Handling Tool or get a quote from our team of experts.

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