Red Iron Sling

Red Iron Pipe Sling Restraints

Handling pressure pipes that accommodate high pressure content is one of the measure concerns from a safety perspective. We supply Pipe restraint mechanisms to prevent potential damages and injuries, in case of pipe joint failure. We offer a series of different pipes safety products diverse in function, material, and rating.


Red Iron Sling is one such versatile and reliable restraint used in high pressure industrial applications. Often known as PIPING CHOKER these flow-line restraint systems are used as safety equipment in case of accidental separation between pipe connections and lifting the pipes. By holding down the pressurized rapture, red iron slings reduce the potential damages of pipe whipping in an event of failure.

Benefits of Using Red Iron Slings

The Red Iron Sling Restraint offers several benefits, including its ability to increase productivity and efficiency. The red iron slings are made from strong polyester restraints. They feature reliability of performance, durable construction, and easy installation. When it comes to utility, they are combined with temporary pipe works for a secondary level of protection.

Industrial Application of Red Iron Slings

The Red Iron Sling Slings is commonly used in field laid high pressure piping. They are manufactured for higher resistance to ensure safety. The ends of rotary and other kinds of high-pressure pipes that required securing from failure accidents can benefit from the Red Iron Sling Restraints.

Red Iron Sling Restraint Specifications

Effective Pressure Pipe Restraint Systems with Red Iron Slings

Safety Regulations of Red Iron Sling Restraint

Safety regulations are critical when using the Red Iron Sling Restraint. Before using the restraint, the operator should ensure that the restraint and its components are in good condition. The operator should also follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully and use the restraint in the manner specified. It is essential to use the correct sling and ensure that the pipe is properly secured. Additionally, the operator should ensure that the pressure capacity of the pipe is not exceeded, and the restraint is used on a stable and level surface.

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The Red Iron Sling Restraint is an indispensable restraint. Its ability to secure high pressure pipe safely and efficiently saves time and labor, making it a valuable addition to any site. With proper maintenance and adherence to safety regulations, the Red Iron Slings can provide years of reliable service and safety, helping to increase productivity and efficiency in industrial applications. Order today.

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