Hose and Piping Chokers

Hose and Piping Hobble Clamps

Handling heavy-duty hoses and pipes that accommodate high-pressure content is one of the measure concerns from a safety perspective. We supply Pipe and Hose restraint mechanisms to prevent potential damages and injuries, in case of hose and pipe joint failure. We offer a series of different hoses and pipes safety products, diverse in function, material, and rating.

Hose Hobble Systems

Hose hobbles are fixed outside the joint of industrial-grade pipes and hoses in order to create a secondary safety line if and when a connection fails. The hose restraints are made from heavy-duty material with heated and sturdy alloy steel clamps and chains. They aerated for high breaking strength; precisely, offering the lowest breaking strength of 16,000 pounds per rotary hose safety clamp.

Hose and Piping Chokers

We offer Clamps for Hose and Pipe in different sizing including a range from 1/2″ up to 48″. You could also choose from 2-bolt and 4-bolt styles or order custom-made sizes according to your specifications. For accessing the exact size, please refer to the charts in our catalog.
At RAAH International, we present hose hobbles and safety clamps for versatile sizes, high-pressure and low-pressure ratings, and diverse bolt options- which you can choose based on your exact requirements.

Testing Certificates

Our hobble systems are compliant with international standards of safety and are sold with rating certificates. The high-pressure hose clamp measures are carried out to offer systems that are in accordance with API standards. Among the safety certificates, we include; pull and load testing, pressure rating, and application performance. Although to get the best results, correct sizing is essential to the function.

General Specifications

Available Models

To match every application, we provide you with several options to choose from. You can find the general info on these models below. For further information, however, you can write to us and we will get you in touch with our field experts.

  • Chain Style

Our chain-style hobble system is a combination of premium material and fine engineering. They offer to fail proof performance and impeccable safety. While proving to be extremely easy to installation, these models are made for convenient use both for temporary and semi-permanent functions.

At each end, there are steel clamps that hold the joint of a hose or pipe together. These shackles are often used as safety equipment for rig operations.

They are often a substitute for wire hobbles, where the flexibility of movement is required; in case the staff needs to move a pipe or angle it in a different direction.

  • Cable Style

Cable Style Hose Hobbles are manufactured for higher resistance to ensure safety. The ends of rotary and other kinds of high-pressure hoses that required securing from failure accidents can benefit from cable-style hobbles.

The wires are crafted from highly sturdy steel alloy and a breaded construction. Each end is attached to heat-treated steel clamps with a bolt fastening mechanism. The wire model offers a higher rating though lower flexibility, which makes them suitable for utilization as fixed Oilfield Hose Pipe Restraints.

  • Single Clamp

This category is made with a single clamp on one side while the other end is secured with a punched hole for bolt fixing to an anchorage point. They are attached to either wire cable or chain.


These flow-line restraint systems are used as safety equipment in case of accidental separation between pipe connections and lifting the pipes. By holding down the pressurized rapture, red iron slings reduce the potential damage of pipe whipping in an event of failure.


The red iron slings are made from; strong polyester restraints. They feature reliability of performance, durable construction, and easy installation. When it comes to utility, they are combined with temporary pipe works for a secondary level of protection.


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RAAH International manufactures and supplies Hose Safety products including Whip socks, whip stops, Cable Chokers, Nylon Chokers and Hose Hobbles also known as Pipe Clamps. Place an Order Today and get the best prices on the market for bulk purchases.

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