Cable and Nylon Hose Chokers

Cable and Nylon Hose Chokers: The Ultimate Solution for Hose and Cable Safety

Cable and Nylon choker hose restraints are mostly used for applications that fall under the pressure rating standards with high pressure hoses for petroleum synthetic, chemical gases, oil Field hose safety and water based hydraulic hose restraint fluids as well as air hose protection.

Cable and Nylon Choker Application:

NYLON HOSE CHOKER has a specially designed choking action that allows the nylon to tighten down on the hose during a failure. Unlike the WHIP CHECK or the steel Hobble Clamp, the NYLON HOSE CHOKER will continue tightening down sometimes even choking off the air for a more controlled release.

Key Features and Sizes:

These Safety hose chokers present the ability to withstand pressures with over a ton of force. Each end is secured with a nylon spool which acts as a cinch lightener when pulled. This mechanism holds the hose in place while decreasing or completely stops the flow. The tightening continues until the pressure is cut off from the source.

New England Traders LLC

Supplies Nylon Hose Chokers and other Hose Safety products like Whip Stops and Whip Socks, Cable Hose Chokers, Hose Restraints, Hose Hobbles, and other innovative hose safety products to many clients worldwide.

Why Order Cable and Nylon Hose Chokers?

Ordering cable and nylon hose chokers provide several benefits, including:

Nylon hose chokers
Provide Hose ID, Hose OD, Max PSI and Whether carry Fluid or Air. We will suggest the best suitable Cable Choker for your application

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Cable and nylon hose chokers are the ultimate solution for hose and cable safety, preventing whip and recoil under high pressure. They are cost-effective making them suitable for use in various industries. Ordering cable and nylon hose chokers provides several benefits, including high-quality products, customization, expert support, and cost-effectiveness. If you are looking for a reliable solution for hose and cable safety, cable and nylon hose chokers are the ideal choice. Order today.

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