An innovative take on traditional taglines makes lifting and maneuvering suspended goods easy and safe. A valid and secure substitute for this hands-free safety equipment is the Tagattach tagline, which is designed to increase delays and serious injuries to workers by creating a buffer zone between the heavy suspended loads and the operator.

Tagattach’s Important Uses

When employing mechanical operators, such as cranes and forklifts, to raise a load, uncontrolled turning or spinning of the load as well as the absence of control over the direction, can lead to unsteady swaying and might cause accidents by causing slamming. In addition to exposing the handlers to accident risks, these problems can further produce accident of personnel and standbys, the structure of the equipment hoisting devices etc, which usually culminate in financial harm and load handler traumas and injuries.


When using a crane to suspend loads on a personnel platform, the loaded platform and its rigging falling out of control means creating a crush zone, which is why Tagattach is so important. With the load tightly fixed, it becomes much easier to maneuver the weight in a desirable direction, and the lift control rope reduces the chances of the incidents mentioned above.


Tagattach is a maneuvering apparatus based on traditional tagline ropes that assist operators in lifting, maneuvering, landing, or embarking loads. This design has been improved in several ways, increasing both safety and ergonomic prospects while creating a more convenient handling experience as well.

A long grip rope with a rigging tagline diameter that is resistant to tear and wear and extreme stretching, Tagattach is a rigging tagline rope with a wide grip. In addition to this safety lifting tagline rope, a hook of varying sizes is also attached to it for attaching to different loads. This Tagattach features a Snap-On | Snap-Off technology for easy attachment and detachment, as well as temperature resistance, tangle-free tagline rope, and aesthetics that help keep the workplace safe from hazards, the personnel is able to easily attach the load and maintain precise control over the maneuverability.

Use Case

Any operation that applies lifting of heavy loads and seeks to increase the general safety of their infrastructure and personnel- both on land and offshore – can benefit from this tagline rope.

  • Taglines for large and mid-sized construction projects
  • Sites for onshore and offshore petroleum drilling
  • Marine and Logistics that load and unload cargo.
  • Mechanics and lifting locations for heavy-duty vehicles


Go through the specification as a safer alternative to generic taglines and traditional ropes.

  • Manufactured in the UK using advanced technology.
  • Heavy-duty test results
  • Di-Electric Hook, M10 Eye Bolt Snap Hook, and Steel Skip Hook are all rust-resistant hooks.
  • Easy to clean and store.
  • With high visibility markings, this rope is anti-tangle, anti-knot, and slip resistant.
  • Temperature-resistant and anti-burn
  • Knots are no longer required.
  • Excellent load control with easy rotation
  • Tagline rigging is easy to attach and release.
  • Suitable for every season and every day
  • A test certificate is distributed with product.

Tagattach: Why Do You Need It

Whenever the workplace evolves around potential hazards such as uncontrolled load lifting and crush zones, the workers may become injured and trapped. If your operatives’ safety is a priority, don’t get stuck with ropes.

With Tagattach, innovative technology focuses on safety and high-quality production. With retractable taglines, ground operatives can now carry out precision load control with confidence and speed, saving minutes every time a load is lifted. This results in faster processes and an ergonomic application that was more robust than generic taglines.

There are a variety of connectors available that assist in compatibility with a variety of lifting environments. The Tagattach tagline has been incorporated into the load lifting system of several organizations, including offshore drilling sites, mining, and construction, which has increased personnel safety and saved thousands of dollars on prevented damage, similar to the suspended load concept. With RAAH Safety products, you’ll be a percent closer to safety every time you use them.

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