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Safe-T-Stik magnetic load control tools can be used when the user or operator needs to keep a safe distance from the suspended load. The Safety-T-Stik is the best choice for users who need to be close enough to their load to move it around, but still want a safety buffer between themselves and the load. Made of lightweight material, Safe-T-Stik SR is durable tool to use.

Industrial Usability

Industry and business handling steel trench plates or road plates, pipes and metallic poles, warehousing containers, faucets, water valves cover, steel fittings and moving, lifting, and hoisting heavy objects can benefit from this magnetic tool. 

sizes available:

Models Available

Multiple variations of the tool are available, including FIXED, ADJUSTABLE, MINI with fixed and adjustable handles.

Featured Characteristics

Offering an exceptional maneuvering feature:

The ergonomic design of this lightweight tool features three different snare diameters while keeping the overall length the same for maximum control. It has three different lengths. A

Magnetic hold can be released quickly:

With the head assembly, the worker can attach and/or detach the magnet at any time when the tool is in use. This feature is especially useful when it is not possible to slide a confined spaces for maneuvering the load.

Attachment is easy and at a click of a button:

When used in the right way, the Safe-T-Stik magnet detaches and is then activated by extending the handle to hold the metal object.

Offers Hands-free Safety

Safe-T-Stik magnetic load control safety tool enables workers to safely guide and position suspended loads such as road plates, trench plates, shoring, steel plates, large assemblies, large parts, large motors, and other heavy steel objects.

It has a performance-oriented design with an ergonomic build:

Using over 500 pounds of magnetic holding power, even the heaviest loads can be maneuvered and positioned with extreme precision.

Benefits of the product

Safe-T-Stik: Why You Should Use It

Every safety precaution must be taken when people, equipment, and reputation are at stake. Safe-T-Stik SR introduces a new level of safety when it comes to moving heavy, large, and hazardous steel objects. In the hazardous movement process, workers do not have to encounter heavy, unforgiving steel objects.

Despite remaining relatively close to the object being hoisted, Safe-T-Stik SR keeps the operation hands-free and no-touch. Also, Safe-T-Stik SR stores easily and has a high visibility orange color and reflective band that makes it easily recognized in crowded or low-light environments.

Safe-T-Stik SR is crafted from FRP tube and fiberglass rod, both lightweight and strong and not a very good conductor of electricity. Our dual action swing allows a worker freedom of movement in many situations without giving up any control.

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Our magnetic T-stick has a pull force of greater than 400 pounds and is easy to attach and remove steel. Need more information? Contact us, and we are happy to answer all your questions.
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