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Rod Lifter: A Solution for Loading and Unloading Pipes

Loading and unloading pipes manually is an inevitable part of workers across several industries. While lifting and maneuvering pipes, hand and wrist injury are a common occurrence, ranging from simple crush bruises to unfortunate hand amputation.

To contribute to the hand safety tools, an innovative design was introduced for artificial pipe and rod lifting, for decreased hand lifting injuries and curtailing pinch and crush points.

Rod Lifter tubing crew work safety

What Is a Rod Lifter?

The rod-handling lifter tools boast a simple yet effective mechanism that replaces the general thumb-hand grip. While muscles and bones are both subjected to crush point and thus failing the grasp, a mechanical replacement is a more reliable alternative in manual pipe lifter tasks; in addition, offering hands-free safety to the first-line tubing and rod lifter workers.
Here are some industries that can benefit from handheld pipe lifters.

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How Does Rod Lifter Work?

Designed as an un-heavy yet resistant material, the lightweight pipe lifter offers an easy handle with an efficient grasp of contact rods. They are particularly essential on slippery and troublesome surfaces such as thin metal and round veneers. With a quick clutch mechanism, the rod lifter creates not only a buffer zone between hands and pipes, but drill pipe lifter also furnishes a more dynamic solution for loading and unloading rods or pipes that are afflicted with extreme temperatures, chemical compounds or the general heavyweight- prone to pipe lifting injury and rod safety hazards.

Here are some situations that a rod lifter helps avoiding.

Industrial Utility of Rod Lifter

The Rod Lifter is widely used in the oil and gas industry. It is used in applications that require lifting and lowering of pipes, such as in well maintenance, repair, and replacement. The Rod Lifter is also used in applications that require manually lifting and bending. Simple, effective and durable are the words associated with this pipe lifting tool. While exhibiting an extremely simple mechanism, the tool’s convenience and functionality are what make its design exceedingly popular and 100% manufactured in Australia. Ordering Rod Lifter provides several benefits, including:

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The Rod lifter tool is a simple through palpable addition to the tubing crew work kit that permits safe pick up of sharp, slippery, heated or dirty piping without a direct contact. In addition to the safety acquired from exceptional grip, hands and fingers are maintained safely as the pinch points are diminutive to lower percentages when compared to the usual pipe thread lifting damage. Always assess the work environment for safety measures, and ask yourself questions like; how could I replace a direct touch with a tool and increase the general safety for machinery, efficiency, and human well-being aspects?

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