Magna Grab

Magna Grab

Magna-Grab is a magnetic material handling and picking tool used in many industries to protect hands and fingers from sharp or heavy objects as well as crush and pinch points, making it an amazingly versatile and super strong magnetic load control, tagline anchor point, and retrieval tool.

Magna Grab


Magna-Grab is a great solution for work areas and environments where long-reach object retrieval is not possible. Oil rigs, drill rigs, large tanks and vats, utility vaults, manholes, trenches, pits, shafts, and more are examples of such structures. Magna-Grab has an eye bolt in the handle that allows tag lines to be attached and Magna-Grab can be lowered down to retrieve steel objects of 100 lbs. or less.

The Magna-Grab is a portable magnetic solution for handling and retrieving steel objects. It provides a no-touch solution that can secure to any magnetic surface with at least four to six inches of space. The Magna-Grab also doubles as an anchor point in the case of tagline retrieval and can be lowered into hard-to-reach surfaces.


Versatile Application

It is a multi-purpose, multi-use magnetic tool with many uses and applications.

Can be Used with a Tag line or Tether.

It is currently successfully used in applications where steel material is being hoisted overhead without ideal points for a tagline or tether to be attached.

Solid Grip

Any steel material with at least 4″ to 6″ of attachment space can be attached to Magna-Grab with a solid grip.

Offers Great Control

When it comes to no-touch load control, material handling, positioning, and picking up dropped objects, Magna-Grab is the go-to tool.

No-Touch Load Control with Magna-Grab

There are many situations where an effective tagline anchor point may not exist. Magna-Grab solves this problem by creating an anchor point almost anywhere.

Available Model:

The MG001 is the Magna-Grab Portable Magnetic Tag Line/Tether Anchor Point which also offered different tagline attachments as per user application:

TL25SH           Tag Line, 25 w/Snap Hook

TL50SH           Tag Line, 50 w/Snap Hook

TL75SH           Tag Line, 75 w/Snap Hook

MAGKIT          Replacement Magnet Kit (Pack of 2)

Magna-Grab and Your Workplace Safety

With Magna-Grab, it’s safe and easy to retrieve dropped objects from confined spaces, tanks, trenches, and more. We are demonstrating how Magna-Grab can hold 85 lbs of weight. We recommend not lifting more than 70 lbs by human power in safe situations where there is no risk of falling or slipping. Our magnet has a maximum breakaway force of 500 lbs. If people or equipment are below, do not lift or attempt to retrieve objects. Always wear gloves and protect yourself from falls. Use a tagline or retrieval line at least 1/2 in diameter.

Magna-Grab: in a Nutshell:

In hazardous work areas like drill rigs, oil rigs, metal fabrication, steel mills, trenches, vaults, and manholes, safety is the number one reason! It is better for employees to spend less time in potentially dangerous environments and situations. By using Magna-Grab, employees are able to accomplish their tasks safely and confidently without entering a dangerous work environment.

A worker entering a confined space is costly in multiple ways. It may require a permit, which can take time. Time is money. When production is halted for a permit, IT CAN COST BIG MONEY.

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Safety and productivity are critical to the success of any business. Magna-Grab fits almost anywhere, deploys in seconds, and can be used in so many different ways to keep your business moving forward. Magna-Grab is a no-touch magnetic hand safety tool that is extremely cost-effective.

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