Gas Grab Lifting Bracket for Gas Bottles

Gas Grab Lifting Bracket for Gas Bottles: Say No to Bear Hugging High-Pressure Cylinders:

Gas cylinder lifting is a critical process in many industries, from oil and gas to chemical plants. However, it is not without risks. Traditional methods of gas lifting involve physically lifting with bear hugging the cylinder or using slings, which can be dangerous if not done correctly. This is where Gas Grab Tool comes in. In this article, we will discuss Gas Grab Tool, its industrial applications, how it works, its advantages, and tips for using it effectively.

What is Gas Grab Tool?

Gas Grab Tool is a revolutionary gas bottle lifting tool designed to make gas lifting safer and more efficient. It is a compact and lightweight device that can be easily carried by two persons. Gas Grab Tool is equipped with a patented technology that allows it to lift gas bottles with easy. This reduces the risk of accidents, making gas cylinders lifting a safer process.

How it Works

Lightweight and easy to install, use and detach. Designed primarily for moving or lifting high-pressure gas cylinder safety, reinforced by a variety of sizes and gas cylinder straps, to deliver hands-free safety equipment.

Industrial Applications:

Gas Grab Tool has a wide range of industrial applications. It is used in oil and gas exploration, chemical plants, food and beverage industries, and many other industries that require gas cylinder lifting. It is particularly useful in applications where there is a risk of explosive or toxic gases. Gas Grab Tool makes it possible to lift gas in these environments safely and efficiently.

Feature Specifications:
Designed in variety of sizes:

Models to suit cylinders from 4″(100mm) to 14.75″ (376mm)
Gas Grab is 100% manufactured in UK.


Simple and versatile, GasGrab™ is ideal for all industry where high-pressure gas cylinders (gas bottles) are used, for instance:


Gas Grab Lifting Bracket is a game-changer in the field of gas bottle lifting. It offers a safer, more efficient, and more accurate method of gas lifting, making it a must-have tool for many industries. Whether you are in oil and gas exploration or the food and beverage industry, Gas Grab Tool is the ultimate solution for all your gas lifting needs.

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