Finger saver Tool

Introduction to Finger-saver tool

Finger injuries are among the most common injuries in many industries. The hands are involved in most industrial work, and any slight mistake can result in a severe injury to the fingers. However, the good news is that finger-saver tools are now available to help reduce these types of injuries. In this article, we will discuss the finger-saver tool, its industrial applications, how it works, the advantages of using it, and tips to help you use it effectively.

What is a finger-saver tool?

A finger-saver tool is a device designed to protect the fingers from injuries while hammering. With a simple yet effective mechanism, the tool incorporates an attached string that tightens around the Nut and/or Bolt during any lifting or locating of the spanner/tool. It is further extended to increase the buffer zone, without compromising the grip.

The FingerSaver tool is intended to offer support of the tool equivalent to that of hands and fingers; its design carefully considered and tested on typical applications and uses where large spanners and flogging spanners are used on nuts and bolts.

Industrial applications of finger-saver tool

Without a FingerSaver, fingers are placed on the front line of danger while working with potentially harmful tasks. Several industries that can benefit from the hands-free safety tools, including;

1. Oil drilling and refinery both onshore and offshore sectors; with a statistic of 45% of hand and finger injuries, oil industry workers stand on the first line of benefiting from finger saver tool holder.

2. Construction workers: working with hammering operations, particularly in heights, possess substantial risks towards hand and finger injuries that can turn to further complications.

3. Maintenance technicians and operators in various industries; any work that encompasses testing and fitting pipes, flogging tool, possibility of hitting hand with hammer and bolts, spanners, confined space hammering, etc.

Advantages of using finger-saver tool

Using a finger-saver tool has several benefits, including:

1. Reduced risk of finger injuries Finger-saver tools are specifically designed to prevent finger injuries, which is a common occurrence in many industries. Using these tools can help reduce the risk of finger injuries, which can be costly both for the worker and the employer.

2. Increased productivity Injuries can lead to loss of workdays, resulting in decreased productivity. By using finger-saver tools, workers can stay safe and continue working without interruptions due to injuries.

3. Cost-effective Finger-saver tools are affordable and can save employers money in the long run. By reducing the number of injuries, employers can avoid expensive medical bills and compensation claims.

Tips for using the finger-saver tool effectively

As all applications may vary, a risk assessment of its appropriate safe use should always be assessed by the user, prior every operation. The FingerSaver  tool is NOT a lifting device and no safe working loads or breaking strains are implied or advised.


Fingersaver Tool


Finger-saver tools are essential in many industries, and they have proven to be effective in reducing finger injuries. By choosing the right tool, getting proper training, and inspecting the tool regularly, workers can stay safe while increasing productivity. Using finger-saver tools can also save employers money in the long run by reducing the number of injuries and compensation claims. Contact Us today and place an order.

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