Anti Tangle Tagline

Anti Tangle Tag line

An innovative take on traditional taglines makes lifting and maneuvering suspended goods easy and safe. A valid and secure substitute for this hands-free safety equipment is the tagline, which is designed to increase delays and serious injuries to workers by creating a buffer zone between the heavy suspended loads and the operator.

Why Use Anti Tangle Tag line?

Keeping workers safe should be the top priority for any business. Keeping the number of unsafe incidents and injuries down should be the priority. Considering this, the safety engineers have combined innovative technologies to bring a safe alternative to the ineffective and risky rope. Traditional rope taglines can get knotted, may sometimes wrap the rope around a worker’s leg or another object surrounding the load. This can pose a potentially dangerous situation to workers and may cause equipment damage.

Anti Tangle Taglines

As a result, a rigid core was developed to prevent turning on itself and wrapping around objects. The Anti Tangle Tag line is 100% manufactured in Europe and is widely used by the Oil & Gas, Offshore, Energy sectors, Shipping, Construction, Mining, and other industries.

Key Features

Go through the specification as a safer alternative to generic taglines and traditional ropes.

Key features include:

Instructions for Safe Use of Anti-Tangle Tag line

Length: The Anti Tangle Tag Tagline length must be selected according to the application. Workers or people around must never stand under a suspended load. The rope must be rolled out completely before the lift is started.

Distance: Keep a safe distance from the risk spot and avoid wrapping taglines around hands or other body parts.

Industries: Large and mid-sized construction projects, Sites for onshore and offshore petroleum drilling, Marine and Logistics that load and unload cargo, Mechanics and lifting locations for heavy-duty vehicles.

Inspection: Remember that the products you buy are systematically inspected. Besides, the delivery should be in accordance with your order specifications.

Choice of model: There are many models available, but you need to choose the right one that meets your workplace and task requirements.

How to avoid workplace hazards

Whenever the workplace evolves around potential hazards such as uncontrolled load lifting and crush zones, the workers may become injured and trapped. If your operatives’ safety is a priority, don’t get stuck with ropes. You can find a range of safety tag lines that can keep you protected in the working environment.

Never step back when it comes to safety. Stop accidents before they stop you. Designed by experts to deal with definite challenges during the movement and positioning of loads by providing a strong safety solution to each functioning activity. By providing you with tools, we want you to lessen your hand contact with the load.

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