Slide Sledge hammer

One of the most dangerous tools is the traditional chisel and hammer, which can cause crush point and sledgehammer punch injuries. Hands, chest, neck and head are most commonly injured by traditional sledge hammers and heavy-duty shears, which account for 10-18% of all injuries.

Why Use The Worlds Safest Hammer?

In addition to the traditional hammer and chisel, this tool delivers a precise impact and improves safety and efficiency during striking applications. The steel drive bar is slid back and forth to increase safety and reduce effort. The tool is 100% manufactured in the USA.

One of the hand-free safety tools innovations is the Slide Sledge Hammer, which provides controlled movements, higher safety, and precision since it is handled by only one person instead of two.

By using the Slidesledge tool, you will be able to increase your finger’s overall safety instead of using a hammer.

Slide Sledge Hammer

How Does a Slide Sledge Hammer Work?

In addition to heavy duty maintenance jobs, slide sledge hammers can be used for a variety of heavy equipment maintenance jobs. Any work involves handling and manipulating tire bead, replacing bush/bearing/seal plates, extracting rusted and non-functional pins, removing bucket tooth pins, driving bolts in or out, inserting between ripper teeth, etc.

A closer look at Slide Sledge Hammer’s utilitarian uses;

Slide Sledge Hammers

Tips for Using Slide-Sledges

To deliver precision, the tool has a linear structure with a long handle attached to a variety of pins. The practical aspect of this tool lies in its increased sledge hammer impact force and maneuverability, as well as its buffer zone, which keeps hands and fingers far from the operation zone in case of missing an impact that would otherwise result in Slide Sledge Hammer injury.

With its central bar drawn back and forth, this precision sledgehammer is powered by a central bar. It can be equipped with interchangeable upsets and quick-change tips for the removal of track pins, sprocket bolts, and other hard-to-reach pins, as well as a drive bar for improved accuracy and efficiency, while reducing overall energy usage by steering from the dead center of the tool.

In addition to improved safety, this tool offers a higher level of functional precision to prevent the destruction of machinery.

Hammertight Wrench Retainer offers a thread retainer that replaces the hand-held application while using striking tools.

Slide Sledge Hammer Features and Types

In technical terms, a Slide Sledge hammer offers several extensions for an improved efficiency during a variety of tasks. There are three general categories of design; slide sledge multi-head hammers, slide sledge pull hammers, sliding sledge precision hammers, and slide sledge precision hammers. Each of the slide sledge hammers has its own size, and there are shared compartments in each of them. The main parts are:

Designed not only for extended buffer zones and safety precautions when using a sledge hammer, but also with functionality features and improved maneuverability

Additional Tips

The use of multi-head hammers is widely used in many industries and is often used in combination with changeable pin drivers to increase the impact force of sledge hammers and to access hard-to-reach areas.

As an alternative to this high-risk tool, modern tool innovation has introduced Side-sledge hammers, which are made in the USA to top-notch standards.

With this innovation, force requirements, time consumption, operator strain, and hammer injuries are reduced. As far as pin insertion, removing rather difficult fork fasts and driver seals, etc., are concerned, the safest hammers incorporate extended precision and high-quality task deliverability.

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