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Electrical Safety Latex Gloves

Electrical safety gloves are essential protective equipment used by workers who are exposed to electrical hazards in industrial settings. These gloves are typically made of latex rubber and provide insulation from electric shock, making them an integral part of personal protective equipment (PPE).

What Are Latex Gloves & Why You Need It

Insulating Latex gloves are engineered to avoid electrical incidents. They act as a safe barrier to stiff conductivity and electrical transmission from a surface or ground to the human body. Operators of electrical maintenance as well as all the personnel working in an environment close to live current wires, arc flash, substation switchgear, power generations and likewise environments must always wear electrical safety boots and gloves on the job.
There are five classes of electrical equipment safety available, categorized as Class 00 to Class 4.

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What to consider for Electrical Safety Gloves?

Electrical safety gloves are made of high-quality insulating materials, such as latex rubber, that can resist electrical current and are designed as contact level hand protection when exposed to electrical environments. After running on a safety assessment, the right class of insulating gloves must be selected for protection against general voltage range, arc flash protection and other electrical hazards works. These gloves are tested and rated based on their electrical insulation properties, and workers must use gloves with the correct voltage rating for their specific work environment. The gloves are designed to be worn over regular work gloves, providing an additional layer of protection.

Before purchasing an electrical current insulation glove, pay attention to the following factors in contrast with your job environment and safety requirements.

Advantages of Electrical Safety Gloves

The primary advantage of electrical safety gloves is their ability to provide insulation from electric shock. By wearing these gloves, workers can safely handle live electrical equipment, protecting themselves from possible electrical accidents. Electrical safety gloves also help improve grip and dexterity while working, providing an additional layer of comfort and ease of use.


Latex Models:

KL-AXY Latex Gloves

These Class 00 rubber gloves for electrical work offer conductivity protection up to 500VAC. They are resistant to Ozone and Acid Exposure and can handle very low temperatures. They are available in beige color.

KM-BXY Latex Gloves

Enlisted as a Class 0 insulated gloves variety, these gloves are designed with resistance against Ozone, acid and extreme temperatures in addition to electricity insulation up to 1000v. They are available at the usual 36 cm length and in the red color edition.

KM-CXY Latex Gloves

Similar to all Class 1 insulated gloves, this pair offers electrical conductivity protection up to 7,500V. Designed with white aesthetics, they also offer acid protection and are tested for low temperatures. 

KL-DXY Latex Gloves

The major feature is their high electricity protection ability, reaching up to 17,000V live voltages. They are engineered with maximum comfort and yellow color. 

KL-EXYZ Latex Gloves

Acid resident and temperature-tested heavy-duty insulation gloves with maximum voltage use of 26,500V. They come in green color code.

KL-FXYZ Latex Gloves

The most effective pair of rubber electricians gloves are available in orange color; a Class 3 pair of insulated hand protection, suitable for high voltage reaching to 36,000V. 

Final thoughts

In conclusion, electrical safety gloves are crucial for protecting workers from electrical hazards in industrial settings. These gloves are made of high-quality insulating materials and provide an extra layer of protection when working with live electrical equipment. By following the tips provided above, workers can use these gloves safely and effectively, reducing the risk of electrical accidents and injuries.

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