Drum Dollies

Drum Dollies: A Guide to Safe and Efficient Drum Handling

Drum handling is a vital aspect of various industries, particularly those that deal with hazardous materials. Drum Dollies are a popular solution used for the safe and efficient movement of drums within industrial environments. In this article, we’ll explore what drum Dollies are, their industrial applications, how to use them safely, the benefits of using drum Dollies, and the regulations surrounding their use.

What are Drum Dollies?

When drums and large barrels are a regular part of an industry, being able to transport them effectively and conveniently is essential to the workflow. Morse drum handling dollies are designed in order to cater easy mobility of plastic, metal and fiber drums within a platform, particularly through narrow spaces, cluttered ambient facilities for manufacturing or packaging. As a must have addition to MORCINCH Drum Handling System, or any basic drum handling equipment, this guide takes you through the introduction, utility and features of Morse drum dollies.

Drum Dollies

Industrial Applications

Drum Dollies are widely used in various industries, including chemical, pharmaceutical, and manufacturing. They can be used to transport and handle drums of different sizes and materials, including plastic and steel drums. Drum Dollies can also be customized to meet specific industry requirements, such as those for cleanroom environments or hazardous material handling.

Using Drum Dollies for Maximum Safety

To use drum Dollies safely, here are some tips to keep in mind:

Choose the Right Dolly –

Ensure that the dolly is the correct size and weight capacity for the drum you are moving. Overloading the dolly can cause instability, tipping, or accidents.

Secure the Drum –

Before moving the drum, ensure it is correctly secured to the dolly. Straps or clamps can be used to prevent the drum from slipping or sliding off the dolly during transport.

Use Correct Handling Techniques –

When pushing or pulling the dolly, use proper lifting techniques to avoid injury. Avoid twisting your body or overreaching and keep your back straight.

Model Availability:

The best manual drum roller for your specific business is the one that caters for most, if not all, your requirements, while towing heavily loaded barrels and other appliances. There are two general categories of dollies standard morse dollies, and Morse pail dollies with a particular design for cans and pails used across food and packaging industries. Please note that these models vary in weight and size due to the structure and functionality. 


Drum Dollies are subject to various regulations, including those set out by OSHA and other regulatory bodies. These regulations are designed to ensure the safe use of drum Dollies in the workplace, protect workers from injury and prevent environmental damage. Companies should be aware of the regulations that apply to their industry and ensure they are adhered to when using drum Dollies.


Drum Dollies is an essential tool for safe and efficient drum handling in various industrial environments. By choosing the right dolly, securing the drum correctly, using proper handling techniques, and adhering to regulations, businesses can maximize the benefits of using drum Dollies, such as increased safety, improved efficiency, and cost savings. Order Today!

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