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A Comprehensive Guide to the Stiffy Snare Tool

As a response to a safer working environment, the Stiffy Snare Tool is an innovative creation in accordance with industrial hands-free tools policies. The snare swivel tool is designed to establish a neutral zone between personal safety and handling heavy loads that are often subjected to crush points and harmful exposure related incidents. The design implications help in curtailing the risk factors that workers are exposed to while operating in potentially hazardous situations; given the correct training to use the tool and quality standards of the snare tool itself.


Ready to take things up a notch in terms of trapping game? Introducing the Stiffy Snare Tool, the latest innovation in handling suspended drill pipes. This sophisticated snare tool was created with the needs of both Offshore and Onshore users in mind, with a range of features that make it more efficient, safer, and easier to use than ever before.
This comprehensive guide will cover everything you need to know about the Stiffy Snare Tool: what it is and how it works, its features and benefits.


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Stiffy Snare Tool Dual Release

What Is the Stiffy Snare Tool?

Have you ever been in a situation where you had to deal with a heavy load while trying to keep safe? If so, then you know the difficulty of staying safe while trying to manage the load. Thankfully, the Stiffy Snare Tool is here to help.

The Stiffy Snare Tool is an innovative creation in accordance with industrial hands-free tools designed with safety and efficiency in mind. It’s made of a sturdy aluminum rod that has thick plastic handles for extra grip, making it durable and reliable during use. The Snare Tool’s unique design allows for the creation of a neutral zone between personal safety and handling heavy loads such as pipes, tubular, hoses, and more.

In addition, its loop-like design can be used as an anchor point for small cylindrical loads making it useful for industrial applications like lifting heavy loads in a controlled manner using lifting slings or other rigging equipment. With its functional features and robust construction, this tool is sure to safely get whatever job you need to be done right!

How Does It Work?

The Stiffy Snare Tool is a high-quality tool designed to help you move drill pipes and suspended loads with ease. Its unique, two-piece construction allows for quick and simple maneuverability in tight spaces – giving you peace of mind when tackling difficult projects.

When deployed, the snare tool will lock onto the pipe and activate its patented, adjustable safety system that creates a ‘buffer zone’ between you and the load. This prevents any potential hazards from arising due to sudden spikes in torque or pressure, which can be especially useful for high-risk jobs.

Not only does this feature provide an unmatched level of safety compared to traditional methods, but it also offers the convenience of being able to quickly adjust the parameters based on your specific needs. This means that you can maintain a wider variety of angles while keeping the load safely in check throughout each job.

Benefits of Using the Stiffy Snare Tool

When it comes to safely and securely securing items, the Stiffy Snare Tool is hard to beat. It stands out for a few reasons:


The Stiffy Snare Tool has been designed and tested to last through rigorous industrial operations. Its impact-resistant material makes it durable enough to withstand continuous use and exposure to extreme temperatures, corrosion, and oxidation.


Using the Stiffy Snare Tool provides an alternative to using your hands during load securement. With its no-touch design, it eliminates pinch points and prevents hand injuries, which makes it ideal for hazardous environments like construction sites.


A great feature of the Stiffy Snare Tool is its versatility—it can be used to tighten single or bundle of tubular, raise bundles onto racks, or stack drill pipes in warehouses. Plus, an attachment hook provides an extra grip when you need it.

How to Use the Stiffy Snare Tool Safely

Using the Stiffy Snare Tool is safe and easy, but it’s important to know a few key points before getting started. First, make sure you always use hand protection when you’re handling this tool. It’s a crucial safety step that can’t be discounted.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the Stiffy Snare Tool uses a spring-loaded noose release to extend the cable through the tool to release the tubular or the slide control which instantly drops the noose from the tool for increased controllability. This means that you don’t have to worry about using force while using this tool.

Here are some other safety tips when using this tool:

Following these safety tips will ensure that you can use your Stiffy Snare Tool effectively and safely for many years to come! The possibilities are almost endless when it comes to the Stiffy Snare Tool! With its lightweight construction and extendable reach, you can use it inside tight spaces.


The Stiffy Snare Tool is an incredibly useful tool that can help workers safely complete their job tasks, no matter how difficult, dangerous, or challenging. It’s lightweight, easy to use, and durable, making it an ideal tool for any situation. It can access hard-to-reach locations and give users more control and safety when dealing with suspended pipes.

Whether you’re a professional in need of a reliable hands-free tool or someone who’s just looking to make their daily tasks a lot safer, the Stiffy Snare Tool is a must-have. This tool makes a great choice for anyone looking for a reliable, all-in-one solution for their difficult and dangerous pipe tasks.
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