Push Pull Pole Sticks

Hands Free Safety for manuvering loads – The Push Pull Extendable Tool

One of the most common issues around the loading platforms is controlling the suspended loads. The Push Pull Extendable Tool is an innovative solution for the movement of loads in both vertical and horizontal positions.


Push / Pull Poles are designed to help facilitate ‘hands-free’ lifting. They are a modified aluminium telescopic boat hook with a rubber buffer at the other end. The hook end can be used at full extension (approximately 2m / 6ft) to retrieve tag lines hanging vertically without a load handler having to go too close to a suspended load.

Push Pull Pole Stick

Benefits and Utilities in the Load Handling Systems

The primary causes of incident are often consequences of poor manual handling of suspended loads around oil and gas rigs, construction sites, marine and shipping docs, etc.

The primary cause is the sudden release of two quadruple joints as a result of failure. Crew members are encouraged to consider the probability of this happening. Secondly, the unnecessary presence and uncontrolled access of personnel to work on the access platform destroyed by the fall of the load brings the personnel at risk of getting injured by suspended loads. 

Push Pull Extendable Tool have been introduced to provide exceptional control over suspended loads while increasing operators’ safety.


Although a simple design the Push pull tool offers outstanding control over the application; The rubber buffer is used to push against suspended loads to guide them, especially when landing loads in tight or congested spaces. Once again, this allows the operator to remain a safe distance from the load until it has landed. The poles would normally be fully retracted (for rigidity) during this type of use where their length is 1.2m / 4ft. However, they can be used half-extended if required but if too much pressure is applied, they will telescope in.


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If you work around load platforms and suspended loads, especially in offshore stations, safety and workflow efficiency must be your top priorities. Choosing the right tools like Push pull poles contribute to both these cost cutting aspects.

Contact our experts for further information, or to order a complete set of load handling system tools for a safe and productive load operation. Order today and enjoy our discount on bulk purchases.

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