Pallet Lift Assembly Kit

Pallet Bar Assembly Kit

For easy and reliable management of palletized cargo, we offer pallet lifting bars and assembly kits as part of a comprehensive heavy load management system. In effect, there is no pallet lifting system complete with the appropriate pallet bars and relevant fragments for a secure assembly.

Features and Benefits

This palletized cargo lifting assembly kits are our PB011 Pallet lifting bars along with the complete assembly kit, which includes wire rope, shackle, hooks, fittings, and square spreaders. This package is specifically designed to handle pallet lifting in various environments. It includes the following details:

Pallet Lift Assembly Kit

What does the kit come with?

Our Heavy-Duty Pallet Lifting Assembly Kit includes all the necessary locks and fixing attachments for overhead lifting with mechanical lifts or cranes.

Numerous materials & designs

Choose from multiple materials and designs that are both versatile and durable. Our products are available in customized and standard sizes and will hold up to the toughest lifting jobs. Please make sure to double-check the bars before use, and to position them as needed to prevent mid-operation incidents that result in cargo loss or damage.

Marine quality construction

Having these bars on hand is an excellent way to complete projects for maritime work vehicles with pallets quickly and efficiently.

Multiple lifting capacity bars

You should also keep the ratio of the lifting capacity of the bars and the weight of the cargo load in mind when using safety lifting pallets bars. If a cargo exceeds the weight limit of the lifting bar, a customized bar can be added to your lift to ensure adequate support. Surpassing the weight limit may result in load failure. When using the bars, make sure they are mounted at a distance of 900mm for a balanced lifting operation.


The following industries highly utilize pallet systems for the safe and efficient handling of cargo pallets and heavy loads.

Features of Pallet Lifting Bars

To increase workplace safety, increase efficiency, and speed up your workflow, pallet bar assembly kits are tailored with intuitive components that ensure that your pallet lifting schemes, such as spreader bar rigging, are safeguarded. There are several features in this bulk material lifting pallet assembly kits that make them ideal for precise fitting and quick installation. These features include:

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The leading products on the market are supplied by reputable distributors worldwide. With our pallet lifting bars and assembly kits, you can add safety and reliability to your pallet lifting solutions. Boost your palletized cargo lifting activities with our Pallet lifting bars complete assembly kit. Order now and save money by purchasing in bulk.

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