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Electrical Safety Products

New England Traders specializes in offering an extensive selection of top-quality Electrical Safety Equipment, proudly featuring the renowned CATU and Salisbury brands. Our product range encompasses ARC Flash Protection, Insulation Mats, Voltage Detectors, Rescue Kits, and more, all meticulously manufactured in Europe and the USA. With a commitment to excellence, we strive to deliver reliable and effective solutions for electrical safety needs.

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Arch flash kit

Arc Flash Kit

An Arc flash kit is a set of personal protective equipment (PPE) designed to protect workers from the hazards associated with arc flash events.

Electrical Gloves

Electrical Gloves

Insulating gloves are engineered to avoid electrical incidents.

latex gloves in usa

Latex Gloves

These gloves are typically made of latex rubber and provide insulation from electric shock etc.

Life Saving Kits

Life Saving Kits

Life Saving Kits are an essential safety tool used in various industrial applications to protect workers from potentially life-threatening situations.


Electrical Boots

Electrical safety boots are crucial safety equipment for workers who are exposed to electrical hazards on a regular basis.


Electrical Mats

Electrical safety mats are designed to ensure the safety of workers by preventing electrical accidents.

Personal Voltage Detector

Personal Voltage Detector

Personal Voltage Detectors (PVDs) are critical tools used in industrial settings to protect workers from accidental electrical contact.


Arc Flash Clothing Protection

Arc flash clothing protection is personal protective equipment that safeguards workers from the thermal effects of arc flash events.

About Us

New England Traders LLC has its Headquarters in Virginia. We provide Specialised Safety Solutions to the Energy sector including Windmill, Power, Heavy Engineering, Renewable, Waster to Energy, Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, FPSO, Refineries, Marine, Ship building, Mining, Construction, Pharmaceutical, FMCG, and Aviation and more. In addition we also provide Procurement Engineering and Supply Chain Solutions to end users in the Energy sector. This includes procuring Mechanical, Electrical, Instruments, Safety, MRO, Lifting Equipment and more for projects.

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