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Fencing Solution

Fencing is an essential part of any security plan, whether it is for commercial or manufacturing plants. Fencing solutions are designed to provide a secure barrier to prevent unauthorized access, protect against accidents for people around machinery and provide safety.

What is Fencing Solution Equipment?

Fencing solution equipment is a set of tools and materials used to install and maintain fencing around a restricted area. This equipment includes posts, rails, wire mesh, gates, and other accessories necessary for securing the area. Fencing solutions come in various types, including chain-link, vinyl, and metal, depending on the level of security required and the aesthetic preferences of the user.

Fencing Solution

Industrial Utility of Fencing Solutions

Fencing solutions have a wide range of applications in various industrial settings, including construction sites, oil&gas, manufacturing facilities etc. Applying a physical safety barrier is an effective way at reducing the risk of injury to your employees. This barrier also helps reduce machine downtime in case an accident occures. Common industrial applications include:

Additionally, it has been adopted by major companies in industries such as Industrial Automation or System Integrating companies, FMCG, Automobile, Machine Manufacturers, Steel manufacturers, Robot Manufacturers, and more.

Features of Fencing Solutions

We are introducing a new product range at ISO 14120 (ARAI) certified premiere safety fencing. Our products include 40×40 and 40×60 Series with Standard heights of 1000mm, 2000mm, and 2200mm. Mesh Panels, Doors, and Connecting accessories.

Besides the standard models, also available are a wide range of panels, doors, and accessories custom-made according to customer design requirements. The customized series are available in both standard and custom colors

Available are a variety of custom machine guards, from viewing ports to pneumatic doors. We also manufacture customized safety fences that best suit your environment. For more information reach out to us.

What Comes in a Fencing Solution Kit?

When choosing Safety fencing one needs to consider the aspects of safety and ease of installation while protecting employees from potential hazards. Fences need to be modular to ensure that they do not disrupt production or cause a safety hazard.

Consider these five factors before installing a safety fencing system.

Area – Pick the right safety fence, measure the size of the area that needs protecting. Panel dimensions are available to suit any area.

Fencing height – height of a safety fence matters to prevent entry from reaching over its top. The ISO 13857 standard mandates how close the fence should be to the hazard zone to prevent injuries from both upper and lower limbs.

Operator protection – To keep operators safe, plan for the safety conditions required on enter of the guarding system. Install safety interlock door handle and post mounted pushes buttons that are used to shut down power to hazardous components when operators are in the work cell.

Installation and modularity – Lot of screws are used for Fencing systems. Hence time-consuming to assemble, as every bolt needs to be tightened, and corners need to be squared. Moving these systems is also difficult if the hardware has not been removed properly first.

Durability and construction – Guarding systems must be strong to handle unanticipated collisions from personnel, carts, and machinery. Moreover, they must be resilient against environmental conditions.

To help you deploy a perfect safety fencing solution with the proper size consider these factors for reliable operator safety and excellent durability.

Why You Need a Fencing Solution Kit?

Fencing solutions are essential for securing a perimeter, protecting against unauthorized entry, and controlling access to sensitive areas. Fencing solutions are also used for manufacturing belt line and as a safety barrier in hazardous areas where any human form is restricted to trespass.

We offer a wide choice of Safety Fencing Solutions to protect your employees and your workplace. All our products are crafted and controlled under international regulations and requirements, so you can focus on your business without worrying. Order today!

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