Ridderflex Stinger Rolls

Ridderflex Stinger Rolls: Pipe Support Rollers

Stinger rolls are an essential part of any pipelining project, providing crucial support for pipelining procedures, installation of cable lines, and critical umbilical links for safe accessibility to subsea wells. These pipe roller supports are especially vital for offshore pipe installations, where vessel operators require reliable pipe stringers to support pipe laying systems, even in the most challenging environmental conditions. To meet the performance demands of these tasks, innovative pipe support rollers made from polyurethane are used to deliver the best results.

Ridderflex Stinger Rolls


During pipelining operations, it is vital to have maximum support and fastening of the pipe to avoid unwanted movement of the pipes and jeopardizing the entire system. Stinger rolls have other functional applications in deep-sea industrial drilling and offshore pipe lining stations, and they are also used as tank turning rolls.

The technical application of pipe supports covers four principal areas: providing anchorage to the pipe during installation, assisting guidance, shock absorbent features, and supporting heavy loads. As a rule, the stinger pipeline is designed according to operational factors and load capacity.


To control the submersion of the pipe into the water, the pipe is rolled using the stringer and its pipe support rollers. The Ridderflex pipe rollers are used for their optimum performance, reliability, and sustainable life cycle. These rollers are made from durable polyurethane to offer an outstanding grip for controlling the operation while safeguarding the outer body of the pipe. To ensure accurate establishment of the pipe over the seabed, the pipe is attached to a stringer, offering even control over the orbit of the pipe.

Innovative Pipe Support Rollers

The pipe support rollers serve two primary purposes: providing accuracy through tensile force and preventing pipe damage. Unlike rubber pipe roller wheels, the polyethylene edition offers superior performance and a longer life cycle. The rollers are available in a variety of lengths, thickness, color, hardness, and additional coating for further protection. During the manufacturing process, each batch is tested for safety standards, including resistance to abrasion, UV, corrosive chemicals, and performance stipulations such as hardness, load bearing, and protection level. On each purchase, customers receive a test certificate with detailed specifications.


Ridderflex Stinger Rolls: Pipe Support Rollers

Features of Ridderflex Polyethylene Rollers

The pipe wheels rollers are designed for excellent resilience and performance, with exceptional tensile force, abrasion resistance, high capacity in load bearing, wear resistance, and sustainability. They support extreme temperatures, are ozone and UV resistant, durable, and robust. They can withstand exposure to seawater, oilfield minerals, and solvents.

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